Letter to Realtors

Regarding CC&R's, Meeting Minutes and HOA Financials

for sale

We understand that existing home sales and new construction are a large part of the Kayenta Desert Community.  We are excited to have new residents in any of the delopments and our HOAs welcome new neighbors from around the globe. 



home for saleDuring the legal transaction of property or an existing home within an HOA, specific documents are required to be available and transferred to the buyers.  These documents may include CC&R's, HOA meeting minutes and/or financial statements.  In order to maintain the privacy and security of our information and to protect our residents, these unique HOA documents are only available to residents and/or land owners within each specific HOA through the secured portion of this website. 

Realtors are instructed to remind the seller that they (and they alone) have access to these documents and are responsible for providing them for any transaction regardin gtheir property.  Through most Real Estate contracts, sellers are legally bound to provide these documents to you (or the buyer) in the event of a sale of the properly.  Neither the HOA nor the webmaster will provide public access to this sensitive information.  When the need for these documents comes up, please ask the seller of that specific property to log on using their secure log in username and password, and print or save these documents electronically for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

The HOA Boards of Kayenta