A labyrinth is a single path or unicursal tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity.

The Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth in this example shows that you enter a labyrinth through the mouth and then walk on the paths or circuits. The walls keep you on the path. The goal is in the center of the labyrinth. When you reach it, you have gone half the distance – you now need to turn around and walk back out. (copyright- labyrinthsociety.org)

Dedicated and opened during the fall of 2004, the Desert Rose Labyrinth is a product of the vision and labor of many community members from Kayenta. An eleven-circuit labyrinth and adjoining sculpture garden provide an oasis of quiet for contemplation and reflection, as well as pleasure and enjoyment for everyone who visits.

Visitors are welcome to walk the labyrinth and learn the many things it has to teach us. It can be a path of prayer, a walking meditation, and a calm comfort in chaotic times. Enjoy the wonderful sculpture that was donated by several prominent local artists including Lyman Whitaker, Cheryl Collins, Matt Clark, and Gary Collins.


Labyrinth walk in Coyote Gulch Art Village